Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival

International Participation from 30 Countries

Event Date : 27 Feb - 3 Mac 2019

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Take your time off, there is plenty of quality accomodation available within the vicinity to serve your need during the festival.

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Culture & Heritage

Johor has an exciting cultural heritage derived from its multi ethnic population that has captivated visitors worldwide.

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Pasir Gudang has been renowned worldwide as the Best Kite Festival Organiser

This internationally acclaimed event has been hosted continuously since 1995. Attracting hundreds of thousands visitors and kiting enthusiasts from all over the world. Last year over 180 international kite flyers from  25 countries came to Pasir Gudang to experience the best organised kite festival. This year marks the 24nd  festival which promises to bring more excitement, with more than 42 countries participating and more than 1000 local and international kite flyers will be part of the festival.  The festival will be filled with domestic and international contests, demonstrations, spectacular ground displays, and some of the most amazing kites you will ever see.

The opening ceremony  starts with a participant parade which present all local and international guests. Waiving flags the international guests represent their countries with pride as well over 100,000 spectators cheer .  Following the precession and the arrival of the HRH Sultan of Johor , local Wau and International participants gets their chances to present their kite flying skills .

Over the festival duration engulve and  explore the incredible number of stalls selling various goods, collectibles, snacks and food.

Enjoy the night with spectacular cultural and modern performances line up to spice up your stay and dont forget to visit the Kite Museum which is within the festival site.

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