Cultural Heritage

Johor has an exciting cultural heritage derived from its multi ethnic population that has captivated visitors. From traditional etnicity dwelling, historical buildings, festive celebrations, foods,site and relics, reminiscene of its past cultural values.

With such a unique heritage, there is a constant procession of delightful festivals, celebrations and feasts for all to experience. For the Malays, Ghazal and Zapin are performed during most ocassions in colourful cultural presentations. While the Chinese the Lion dance and the dragon dance are a common feature during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

While you are here visit some of our historical sites such as ;

  • Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque
  • Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Museum
  • Johor Art Gallery
  • Royal Mausoleum
  • Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim
  • The Istana Besar